Odyssey Partners with Vista Unified School District on Social-Emotional Learning

partnerships Apr 08, 2020

You know that giddy feeling you get when you're in a new relationship? *swoon*  We're feeling that way right now about our new partnership with Vista Unified School District (VUSD). ­čą░ We're absolutely thrilled to provide district-wide support and empower thousands of elementary students with life-changing emotional habits!

Just what you need when you unexpectedly became a teacher

VUSD has done an amazing job launching a brand new Virtual School in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling over 22,000 students to continue their education from their homes. But that also means a lot of parents playing makeshift teacher, often while juggling a new work-from-home environment, or leaving the kids home alone if they have to go to work. As if parenting wasn't already hard enough before coronageddon! The school counselors are just a phone call or email away to meet student social-emotional needs, and now parents also have Odyssey in their arsenal for this brave new world of homeschooling. *gasp*

What is Odyssey, you ask? It's a digital emotional intelligence (EQ) skills-builder, and a step-by-step guide that takes the guesswork out of parenting when it comes to things like reducing conflict and frustration, increasing self-esteem, improving self-control, and knowing how to find joy no matter what life throws your way. Read more about our novel approach that focuses on deliberate practice, and check out our website and prior blog post to learn why EQ is critical for your child's academic and professional success.

A screen that enhances life off-screen

We know, we know - your kids get too much screen time already. The great thing is that Odyssey harnesses technology as a tool, but that's where the screen stops. Each activity is designed for parents and kids to do together, creating pockets of quality time and inspiring you to have conversations you wouldn't have otherwise had. The kids see Odyssey as a fun game since they get to earn points and win prizes, and parents win by growing a deeper relationship with their child. Not to mention feeling confident that you're setting your child up for future success!

Did we mention it's bilingual and free for VUSD families? 

That's right! Odyssey is available free for VUSD elementary school families, and it's available in  both English and Spanish. We strive to tear down socioeconomic barriers and bring EQ to families who need it most.

COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry Into Quality Time

If you're running out of ideas for how to cope with the whole family being home, follow our COVID Coop Up series for tips to help your family thrive in the new normal. Best of luck, we're right there with you! ­čÖî



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