Odyssey's North Star

Mar 07, 2020

What's our deal?

We are obsessed about emotions. We believe that emotions are the biggest driver of our behaviors, decisions, and overall wellbeing. We think that empowering others to understand all of their emotions, positive and negative, big and small, is a force for global good. 

How do we do it?

In fun bite-sized chunks. We're all about more doing and less talking. For you fancy people out there, this is called deliberate practice. We're not here to bore you with the well-established research that helping kids build social and emotional skills is really good for their development and future success. We trust that if you experience something really cool with your kid (hint: this always involves emotions), you'll want more of it and then do more it. 

In, Out, All Around!

We take a 360 approach to building social emotional skills. We engage kids, parents, and the communities we live in. How do we this? First, we think that parents are the biggest influencer of their kids, not someone on YouTube or Instagram. Then, we leverage the ease and usability of technology to bring meaningful activities to parents - in essence, using the digital world to foster analog, or old school human-to-human interactions, where EQ is truly learned. You might wonder how we get the community involved in the action? We educate businesses about EQ and ask for their sponsorship, helping to bring this program for free to students at our local schools. We believe that when we surround ourselves with people, systems, and businesses that believe in the power of emotional intelligence, we all win. 

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