Happy International SEL Day!!!!

sel basics Mar 27, 2020

Happy SELabration!

For the first time ever, there is a day where the world will celebrate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and today is the day (#SELday)! This organization is mobilizing a movement to raise SEL awareness, to get people and organizations involved in promoting SEL, and to highlight tangible examples of SEL IRL. Why? Because SEL has the power to change the world. 

The deets

SEL is seriously da bomb. Humans with these skills have the power to outmatch any AI device. With the ability to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve goals, feel empathy for others, make and keep meaningful relationships, and make ethical and responsible decisions, people have the potential to be the most dynamic and compassionate problem solvers on the planet. For the past 25 years, The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has been scientifically demonstrating the positive impact of SEL development on kids and their future success as adults. In sum, SEL changes lives. For good.

Our mission

It's simple. We want to create a kinder, more joyful world (actually, we think you want one, too). We believe that the way to do this is to empower parents and kids with SEL skills. The problem is that parents know that they want their kids to have solid emotional intelligence (EQ), but they don't know what to do. Enter Odyssey. Our program takes all the guesswork out of this problem. Through short (usually less than 5 minutes) activities, parents and kids experience and practice SEL skills while deepening their bond and relationship. What's cool is that both people are transformed, not just the kiddo. So, everyone wins. 

We seriously feel like the cool kids who are part of one of the most popular clubs at school. We're thrilled to join the world in actively raising SEL awareness and doing our part in empowering you and your family to live your best lives! This day could not have come at a better time! #SEL #emotionsmatter #CASELCARES

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