COVID Coop Up: Turn Worry into Quality Time, Tip #12

covid-19 pandemic stress management tips to promote sel May 12, 2020

How are you?

Happy Take Care Tuesday! How are you doing?

Many of us have been adhering to stay-at-home orders for almost 9 weeks and we're all itching to have the freedom to roam wherever our hearts desire. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 still a serious threat, there is no firm date on when all restrictions will be lifted. Things in the world have changed so much, it has us questioning if we'll ever return to the normal that we once knew. It's no surprise that this situation brings on major feelz (um, understatement!), and without an end date to contain these feelings, how do we deal? 

Tip #12: Find the lesson

We hope that the 11 tips before this one have helped you in some way. While going easy on yourself, staying socially (vs. physically) connected, jammin' to music, exercising, and practicing gratitude are all actions that can calm a person's feelings and thoughts when worried, frustrated, or anxious, sometimes it just isn't enough.

You can try nudging your thoughts in a positive direction by using a mental coping strategy. Actually, many of us are doing this already. We're telling ourselves that this is temporary, which helps us to use coping strategies now because better days are ahead. However, the undetermined amount of time is the catch. If you find that telling yourself that this is temporary is only working temporarily (witty, huh?), then try and find the lesson.

To help you find the lesson, you can ask yourself a few questions. For example, what is a potential positive outcome that has come or can come out of this crisis? What have I learned (big or small) about myself or my kids? Can I use this information to positively impact my life now? What will I keep in my routine after all of the restrictions are lifted? 

If we can come out of this knowing ourselves better and living a fuller and more joyful life, then our time in quarantine may not seem so bad. While it might be too early to think this way, we think it's worth a try. Now, go and seize the opportunity! 



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