COVID-19 Got You Cooped Up? Tips for Turning Worry into Quality Time #9

covid-19 pandemic stress management Apr 10, 2020

You good?

Just checking in. How are you doing? 

Many of us are moving into week 4 of hunkering down at home with no clear word on how long this is going to last. Logically, we tune into the news to get updates and then are bombarded with curve lines, news of PPE shortages, and infection rates. On top of juggling WFM, teaching our kiddos, and putting something reasonably nutritious on the table, are these news updates just too much? 

Tip #9: Turn off the news

OK, you don't have to turn it off completely, but be mindful about how often you are getting the news. Our mind follows our attention, so if we have the news constantly running in the background or we're binge-watching news conferences, we're directing our minds to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus adding to anxiety levels that are already high. Instead, consume the news in moderation and choose reputable sources (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, CDC). We understand the desire to stay informed, so limit updates to 1x/day (we're looking at you too, social media). Limiting exposure also helps kiddos feel safe, which is super important at this time. Since children have a harder time grasping what is happening, reducing this input or eliminating it all together, will help to maintain a sense of security at home. 

If you just can't help yourself and need some news, why not get good news? John Krasinski (of The Office fame) has a new YouTube channel called Some Good News where he curates good news from all around the world. Bring on the good feels, John! Thank you! 




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