COVID-19 Got You Cooped Up? Tips for Turning Worry into Quality Time #1

covid-19 pandemic tips to promote sel Mar 16, 2020

School's closed for weeks, plans for spring break are busted, and you've got all the toilet paper, antibac, and food you need. Now what? Parents are feeling overwhelmed with how to keep their kids engaged in meaningful ways and are stressed with being cooped up at home. We understand that there is a lot of panic and worry out there and we want to do our part to help. 

If you know our program (if you don't, you can read about it here), you know that we give parents quick and fun activities to do with their kids online, all with the goal of improving emotional intelligence IRL. For the next few weeks, we want to help parents with tips and activity ideas that turn this stressful time into an opportunity for legit quality time. If you're one of the lucky ones who have already enrolled through one our school partners, get through all the activities and earn points! You've got 93 activities at your fingertips! Remember, points are all chances to win super cool prizes (hint: things like a Nintendo Switch or tickets to Disneyland). If you aren't enrolled in our program through a school partner, don't fret. We will be giving you a tip or suggestions for a fun activity on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on our blog. Keep up with our socials to be notified.

Let's get to it...

Tip #1: Make a Schedule

COVID-19 is keeping all of us on our toes and things are changing rapidly. This really challenges our feeling of safety and the comfort we experience from predictability. While there are things that you can't control, you can control your schedule, even if it's only for part of the day. This will help organize your time and direct your child's attention so that they don't spend all day on their devices (we all know that gets ugly quick). Collaborate with your kids about the schedule and  write it down. Put it on the fridge or the bathroom mirror and follow it. 

For example, your schedule could look like:

8:00-9:00am: Wake up, eat breakfast, and brush teeth

9:00-10:00am: Get active - go for a walk, jump on a trampoline, follow an online exercise class, or practice skills for a sport (wind sprints on the sidewalk, dribbling a basketball, stick time in the garage, throwing a ball against a wall and catching it, etc...).

10:00-10:30am: Snack

10:30-12:00pm: Distance Learning Curriculum from School

12:00-12:30pm: Lunch

12:30-2pm: Distance Learning Curriculum from School

2pm: Do something fun! 

We know that schedules change all the time, but having one that you have developed with your kiddos and follow most of the time can really do wonders to reduce that crushing feeling of overwhelm. Give it try! Until next time, stay healthy! 

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