COVID-19 Coop Up: Tip #14 - Summer Fun Edition

covid-19 pandemic tips to promote sel May 26, 2020

Happy Take Care Tuesday! 

It doesn't feel so long ago where we were trying to adjust to WFH and virtual learning and now...summer is here! With summer camps and vacations canceled and without the structure of the school day, what are you doing to do? 

Tip #14: 10 Summer Ideas

Indoor Fun:

1. Food fun!

Find a few yummy recipes, take a family vote, and make the recipe as a family. Need some inspiration? Check out:

  • Cooking with Kids -  where you can find kid-tested recipes, how-to videos, and food (think "farm-to-fork") education. 
  • Food Network - yup, the same Food Network that brings you DDD, Chopped, and The Pioneer Woman, has a Family & Kids page with easy baking projects, fun weekend breakfasts, and individual-size treats. 
  • BBC goodfood - for fun cooking projects that span the globe.

2. Movie marathon

Pick your family's favorite series. Pop some popcorn, close the blinds, grab some blankets and pillows, and press start! Hmm...will Harry Potter or Star Wars win out? 

3. Game Day

Have everyone pick their favorite board game and spend the day playing away. Or, have the kids make up their own game and teach everyone how to play. 

4. Tour world-famous museums

Who needs to leave their home or travel to distant lands to visit some of the best museums the world has to offer? Google paired up with 2500 museums and galleries around the world to offer virtual tours and online exhibits. Here are our faves:

5. Go on safari

Lions, tigers, and bears...oh my! Ever wonder how giraffes eat or how zebras drink? Head over to the live cams on where you can find a webcam covering more animals than you can imagine.

Outdoor Fun: 

6. Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt in your home or if you're feeling ambitious, get your neighbors in on the fun. Here's a great example of a neighborhood scavenger hunt that still plays by physical distancing rules. 

7. Start a summer garden

Ok, since you're going to be home anyway, why not start a small summer garden? If you don't have much space, use some containers. Feel intimidated? Check out Kids Gardening where they break down the basics and have some other fun educational videos. 

8. Become an American Ninja Warrior! 

Well, you don't have to build a double salmon ladder, but you can just build a simple obstacle course in your yard. Grab some sporting equipment, boxes, buckets, or whatever you can find. Pump up the competition and see which family member can go through it the fastest. We're betting on mom! 

9. Go camping

Shake that tent out and set it up in the back yard. If you can, roast some S'mores and you'll be feeling like you're in the great outdoors in no time! 

10. Wash the car

We realize that this is a sneaky one, but we're standing by it. Not only will your kids have a blast with the hose, soap, and sponges, but you may be left with a clean or, not as dirty, car. 


We hope that these 10 tips help you find some fun this summer. Let's all make the best of it! Remember, we're all in this together! 


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