Friday Feature: Olga Kubrak Photography

partnerships May 15, 2020

For this week’s Friday Feature, we’re proud to focus on one of the sponsors who has made it possible for VUSD students to access Odyssey’s emotional intelligence (EQ) curriculum. Join us for a one-on-one chit chat with Olga Kubrak, founder and owner of Olga Kubrak Photography.


What is Olga Kubrak Photography?

Olga Kubrak Photography is a full-service photographer based in San Diego and servicing all of South California. We specialize in capturing lifestyle portraits as well as epic weddings. Natural light photography is our jam but we also offer studio newborn and milestone portraits for our littlest clients. All clients have access to a range of spectacular print products as well as digital packages. 


Why did you decide to promote student EQ growth through Odyssey?

The self growth that is acquired through emotional intelligence and emotional learning is extremely rewarding. Both of these aspects contribute to better communication between children or parents and their kids. I believe that both are crucial in our fast, ever changing world, and sponsoring schools through Odyssey is a great way to give kids these valuable skills. As a parent at home with a toddler and 2nd grader these past couple months, I’m experiencing first hand how better communication with your kids can make all the difference in staying sane!


Other than sponsoring Odyssey, how does your business promote EQ?

Emotional connections lie at the very core of my business brand. I capture very real and raw feelings and the in-between moments that otherwise remain unnoticed. I believe that photographs are very powerful and they help children feel valued, important and loved. When a child sees images of themselves displayed or their family portraits around the house it gives them a sense of pride and security. 


With so many people struggling with stay home orders due to COVID-19, how is your business tackling things?

It’s definitely a challenging time for photographers right now. Although we haven’t been able to do any new photo shoots recently, we’re offering custom edited photos to help our clients celebrate important events during quarantine such as milestone birthdays, Mother’s day or graduations. Staying at home has caused people to reflect on what’s most important in life, and we help families preserve their favorite photo memories in pieces of art that bring daily joy when they’re displayed in their homes. Also, I am currently supporting the San Diego Food Bank with a portion of my sessions profits to help our community during these trying times.


We’re excited to move into stage 2 of opening California, and we’re hoping to start working with families again in the latter half of the year. When you set up a family session, you receive so much more than a handful of digital images. Olga Kubrak Photography truly goes above and beyond to reveal emotions and connections. As a full service photographer, I also always encourage my clients to print their photos and enjoy them every single day! 

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